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Personal Training, Online Group Exercise, Nutrition Coaching in the Bolton Area

When it comes to corporate gyms are you sick of looking at the same old standard gym adverts which contain chiselled men and women with 6 packs posing for a picture holding a weight? Because I am!

I am sick of hearing that genuine people feel intimidated going to the gym and feel like they are being judged on what they are doing, how they look, not having the motivation to do what you want to do, feels like it’s a chore to attend and only going once a week because of this! Does this sound familiar?

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How The MHD Programme Works

If you're looking to transform your fitness, confidence, energy levels and all round health Mike's Health Drive is for you! MHD provides Personal Training, Online Group Exercise Classes, Nutrition Analysis and Coaching exclusively for like-minded people who want to improve their overall health not just to lose weight.

The programme features different packages starting from instructor-led ONLINE group exercise classes via Microsoft Teams, 3 times per week to full on Personal Training and nutrition management packages. Everyone can work at their own pace with an instructor who has empathy and a caring attitude, in a relaxed, no pressure atmosphere… Your own Home!

Customer Testimonials

Caroline Davies

"Mike is a supportive and encouraging trainer. He guides you through your workout and motivates you to keep going! Mike always provides a range of exercises to suit all body types and fitness levels in a friendly environment. Highly recommended!"

Carly Pendlebury

"Mike is a Fantastic guy, really down to earth and helps you every step of the way. You can see Mike is committed to his role as an instructor and I feel he understands people as individuals which helps boost confidence! I highly recommend to any ladies looking to improve your figure and fitness. Mike is always on hand if you need anything or any advice. Going back for more sessions 100% Absolute 1st class."

Tracie Jackson

"Been to the first class tonight and really enjoyed it. I have trained with Mike for over a year then have just had a 10 week break. I am so happy to be back training. Mike is a first class instructor who really cares about the goals you want to achieve, he is always on hand for any advice, and keeps you motivated. If you want to work out with like minded nice people and be guided by a top notch instructor this is the place to be!"

Beki Gornall

"Joined another bootcamp 6 months ago and Mike was the instructor - this man inspired me & coached me into losing almost 2 stone !! I am the ultimate “ no go “ gym person - decided it was time to take action at 51 years young and I’ve never looked back - was so unfit - unhealthy - flabby - sluggish blah blah - drinking too much etc - if this is you then get on it - IT WORKS IF YOU FOLLOW THE RULES - simples if I can do it seriously ANYONE can I can’t recommend this programme enough - brilliant programme ladies !!!!!! and we are all in the same boat - I’ve been doing it over 6 months and I still curse and nearly cry but you feel amazing after - IT WORKS !!!!!!"

Why Is Mike's Health Drive Different?

Personal Training in your Home!

Sessions Instil A Positive Attitude

MHD Aims To Improve Overall Health

There Is Absolutely No Pressure

Targeted Exercise To Achieve Goals

Suitable For All Levels of Fitness

Nutrition Analysis & Coaching

Encourages Simple Lifestyle Changes

Effective Group Sessions

Improves Your Chance of Success

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