Welcome to Mike's Health Drive

Relaxed Group Exercise, Diet & Nutrition Coaching in the Bolton Area

When it comes to corporate gyms are you sick of looking at the same old standard gym adverts which contain chiselled men and women with 6 packs posing for a picture holding a weight? Because I am!

I am sick of hearing that genuine people feel intimidated going to the gym and feel like they are being judged on what they are doing, how they look, not having the motivation to do what you want to do, feels like it’s a chore to attend and only going once a week because of this! Does this sound familiar?

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How The MHD Programme Works

If you're looking to transform your fitness, confidence, energy levels and all round health Mike's Health Drive is for you! MHD provides group exercise classes exclusively for like-minded women who want to improve their overall health not just to lose weight.

The MHD program gives you the tools, not just to lose weight, but also to make healthy nutritional choices which when coupled with high intensity, targeted exercise sessions will help you achieve weight loss, feel better about yourself and improve your health and wellbeing.

The programme features 45 minute group sessions, 3 times per week where everyone works at their own pace with instructors who have empathy and a caring attitude, in a relaxed, no pressure atmosphere.

Why Is Mike's Health Drive Different?

Totally Relaxed Atmosphere

Sessions Instil A Positive Attitude

MHD Aims To Improve Overall Health

There Is Absolutely No Pressure

Targeted Exercise To Achieve Goals

Exclusively All Women Group Sessions

Suitable For All Levels of Fitness

Nutritional Advice As Standard

Encourages Simple Lifestyle Changes

Improves Your Chance of Success

Convenient Indoor Fitness Centre

Flexible Joining Options Available

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